Anyone looking for a web hosting provider should at least think roughly in advance about what they intend to do with the web space. Would you like to run only one website on the web space? Or are you planning to have multiple websites so that you need multiple domains? Should only a static business card be stored on the hosting package, or do you rely on a modern CMS such as web hosting south Africa, Joomla or Drupal, which places higher minimum requirements on the server? In addition to these basic things, there are a number of points that customers should consider when comparing web hosting, so that they get the best hosting package for their money. The most important things include:


Does the hosting package allow the use of scripts? Many current web applications, such as WordPress, will not run without the PHP script. Other scripts such as Perl, Ruby, Python are required less often and are usually only offered in the higher quality packages.


Does the number of databases match your project? For example, if you want to run two websites on one hosting package, you should look out for a package with at least two inclusive databases. Even if individual services such as an additional database can be booked separately, the costs are often disproportionately high.

Automatic backups

Does the hosting provider offer free automatic backups? This is a great advantage, because it ensures that in the event of an emergency you can always quickly and easily return to an old (and working) version of the website. Of course, backups can also be made manually using an FTP program such as Filezilla. In practice, however, this is often forgotten. And if the homepage is destroyed through your own fault or a hacker attack, the work of several days is quickly destroyed.

Customer service When

is the customer service available? Many inexpensive providers save on support. For example, they do not offer a hotline or can only be reached during normal office hours. If your homepage goes down on a Friday evening, you can lose sales for several days.

Location Canada

Web hosts from abroad often offer cheaper tariffs than companies from Germany. Make sure, however, that the server is located in Germany. If the server is abroad, this has a negative effect on the loading speed of your page – at least if your customers or readers come from Germany.

With the web hosting comparison from you can have the best packages from top hosting providers displayed at a glance. In extensive research, our experts have carefully examined more than 100 hosting packages from leading web hosts such as 1 & 1, Strato, HostEurope, Godaddy, Alfahosting, 1blu or webgo. Thanks to our extensive database, you can see clearly sorted in our comparison calculator which providers offer which features. Thanks to the extensive filter options, you can adapt the comparison exactly to your requirements.

In the box at the top left of the page, simply enter the number of the minimum required inclusive domains and databases, filter by storage space or activate the filters for SSD database, SSD storage, HTTP / 2 or server location web hosting Canada. After clicking on other filters, you can set the number of SSL certificates. Anyone who attaches importance to the fact that external domains can be managed and an automatic backup of the web space is available will also find it here.

The comparison calculator updates itself automatically and shows you the cheapest web hosting tariffs according to your specifications. You can see the monthly effective price and the most important criteria such as inclusive domains, SSD storage, databases, location and script languages ​​immediately. With a click on details you can show further information that we have researched for our web hosting comparison. For example the contract term, the software of the control panel, the type of database (usually MySQL) or whether HTTP / 2 is supported.